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Club Renault Gordini Sport / Mexico

From 1957 to 1986, several Renault models were imported, built and sold in Mexico. For some reason many of the owners of such vehicles have been admirers of the brand, its characteristics like handling, comfort, aesthetics, etc. in such a way that our automobiles do not represent only a means of transportation, or more recently, a piece from a museum collection, but exists a special feeling that bonds us to them. In our club, the owners of a Renault, do not associate it directly with a commercial value as we consider it something more personal, in contrast with similar groups or clubs, which consider that is of vital importance the amount of money they could get from a collectible automobile. This shared values, apart from making the friendships ties stronger between the members of the club, have gather us in a group of friends that do several activities together, that go from "Vintage" races, to rides with our vehicles, passing through contests, parades, slaloms, etc.

The members