Our Goals
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Our Goals

* Enjoy our Renault automobiles with friends that share the good taste and interests on the brand.
* Upgrade our automobiles taking care of the suggestions that members of the club or experts on the brand could bring up.
* Dignify the Renault brand within the Mexican automobile circles, displaying our vehicles in the events that we participate, sparing no efforts regarding restoration, aesthetics and tidiness.
* Rescue Renault vehicles, wherever they might be, for the sheer pleasure of enjoying the restoration.
* Participate in other club’s organized events, with the status of an organized and enthusiast group that owns good collectible automobiles.
* Participate in races and rallies organized by the Vintage Commission, with complete and competitive vehicles, continuing the tradition and reassuring the prestige that historically Renault has had in the races.
* Keep communication with Renault and Alpine clubs abroad.
* Organize rides and events like slaloms, races, exhibits, etc., in which we invite the conforming clubs of the National Vintage Commission.
* Meet at least once a month, to inform the fore and past events or activities, as well as to organize whatever comes up, either a race or a party, with the most insignificant pretext.

Club Renault Gordini Sport

10 de Abril de 1859 # 1252
Col. Leyes de Reforma
México, D.F.
C.P. 09310
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